Chapter 1484 (Teaser)

There was no need to take care of the severed hand. Warm light wrapped around the wound and completely regenerated a new one. Muscles, blood vessels, bones, and flesh were restored in real time and formed the shape of a hand. Sensation started to return. Every time the staff smashed into him, he felt vivid pain. The shock promoted the flow of blood and energy. The position of the joints were correctly interlocked. Five fingers moved as expected. It was the same as before he lost it. 

‘The Saintess... is it a reappearance after hundreds of years?’ 

Hayate had speculated that the heavenly gods were very wary of the Saintess. Then why could she be born safely? The blessing of the goddess infused in Grid’s Greed was also eye-catching. It wouldn’t be strange if the goddess’ anger poured out on Grid after he removed the Rebecca Church, but it was still fine. He even thought it was normal for the blessing to be recovered. 

Um... Thank you.” The treatment ended. Biban shook off his thoughts and expressed his gratitude to Ruby. He didn’t recklessly promise to repay her. It might be different if Ruby was a swordsman, but as the Saintess, a Sword Saint couldn’t do anything for her. There was a lot he could give as a tower member, not a Sword Saint, but... he couldn’t leave...

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