Chapter 1483 (Teaser)

“W-What is this...?” 

At the palace, which was being surrounded by supporters... 

Royman and the knights got goosebumps as they ran toward the part of the palace Grid used as a smithy. It was because a huge sword that was at least five times larger than the tallest spire of the palace appeared in their vision. It had an overwhelming momentum like it would pierce the world. 

It was an unreal sight. How could there be such a huge sword? It appeared without any warning. 

“...Hurry!” For the senior knights of the Overgeared Kingdom, the mental world of a transcendent was an incomprehensible field. They stopped moving as they approached the unknown. Royman, who was temporarily out of her mind, woke up and gave orders to the knights. She realized that she had lost her lead to the assassins. 

The assassins of the Overgeared Shadows were thoroughly educated by Faker and Kasim and hadn’t lost their composure in the world dominated by the nightmarish scene. Their feet were extremely fast. Just then— 


The distance between the knights and assassins was narrowed. This was due to the obvious reduction in the speed of the assassins. The knights finally reached them and became as stiff as stone statues. There were thousands of swords floating around the giant sword. The dizzying momentum of their repeated...

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