Chapter 1479 (Teaser)

A new feature was added to the Rune of Gluttony. It could be used to enhance the mental world. There was a premise that the powers imprinted on the rune would be used as a resource, but it wasn’t a big penalty. The power in the rune didn’t necessarily show off outstanding prestige. The power gained in the early days or by killing the lower ranked great demons were less valuable. 

Grid thought this new function was good because the fuller the rune’s capacity, the less likely it was to absorb a power. 

It was just shortly after killing Michael. One of the reasons why Grid was in a good mood after the successful Michael raid was the new feature of the rune. However— 

‘Is this right?’ Grid gradually had doubts. He hesitated without trying to strengthen his mental world. His experience with Braham and Hayate’s mental world had alarmed him. Braham’s mental world accumulated knowledge, while Hayate’s mental world released infinite sword energy... 

Their mental worlds contained their essence. Grid’s essence was a blacksmith. Of course, ‘Greed’ was also a characteristic that represented Grid. It wasn’t strange that the Rune of Gluttony, that grew from absorbing the power of others, would become the material for Grid’s mental world. 

‘If I have to prioritize it, I would prefer blacksmithing over the rune.’ 

He grew because he...

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