Chapter 1474 (Teaser)

“If I really showed off my strength, would the Rebecca Church still exist?” 

They were shocking words. He meant that the Rebecca Church could be destroyed at any time. A madness beyond the level of arrogance was felt. It didn’t seem like sane words. 

“How can you make such absurd remarks?” 

A stir occurred among the church members who were weighed down by the pressure from Grid. They seemed to have forgotten their fear due to confusion. There were many church members who couldn’t hide their anger. 

Rebecca, the goddess of light, was a special presence. She created the world and created humanity. Even the noble gods of Asgard considered her a mother. It was why the Rebecca Church was able to reign as the largest and best religion. Who would dare to harm the Rebecca Church that was protected by the Creator? 

It was physically impossible. The Yatan Church had proven it many times. The Yatan Church rose up many times and threatened the Rebecca Church, but the Rebecca Church escaped every moment of crisis. Grid was one of the proofs. Grid had fought for the Rebecca Church and indirectly helped the Rebecca Church by killing the Yatan Servants. 

...The exceptionally faithful members of the Rebecca Church thought so. 

They were half right. One of the reasons why Grid helped the Rebecca Church was Rebecca’s divine message. 

Hiik!” The church members were staring at Grid with disgust when the ground shook with a deafening sound. It was the aftermath of the building tilting slightly. 

“You threaten me with force immediately. Can’t you restrain your emotions? Or are you not restraining yourself? No matter what, the world will be flooded with disaster if there is a god like you in the world. People will be careful about attracting your eyes.” The pope never thought Grid would...

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