Chapter 1471 (Teaser)

[(Breaking) E-sports legend, Haster, has joined the Overgeared Guild?] 

[There have been successive sightings of Haster in Reinhardt of the Overgeared Kingdom. 

The video of him jumping over the walls with flying items resembling the ‘God Hands,’ famous for being a symbol of Grid, has been a hot topic for days. 

An American expert who analyzed the video said, “I think Haster was chosen as Grid’s successor...” (slander) 

He might not be the successor, but the collaboration between the legendary professional gamer, who is considered the all-time number one, and Grid, who wrote a myth in Satisfy, is enough to make everyone’s hearts flutter. Some people are concerned that there are too many expectations being placed on Haster, who was the victim of the ‘hidden class hunting’ and whose heyday has ended... 



[Adventurers, please be on guard in small towns.] 

[Is the boundary between the human race and hell breaking down as the Yatan Church claims? 

Players are reporting that they have lost their lives after stopping by small towns and being attacked by the residents. 

This is the first incident in a small village in the southeastern part of the empire. The residents of the village turn into monsters when it becomes dusk and they will attack travelers. Thorough attention is needed. 


These so-called ‘ghost towns’ are found all over the...

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