Chapter 1470 (Teaser)

Haster’s hearing was simple and accurate. It was at a level that could perceive space and capture the movement of objects with sound alone. It was a true ability gained by polishing and studying it to the extreme as he became a legend of the FPS world. His sharp hearing was enough to pinpoint the target without being misled by dozens or hundreds of noises, so it was natural to be suspicious that he used a map hack during his prime. 

Haster looked straight ahead while stabbing his spear behind his back to block the sword stab of the God Hand. If someone saw this scene, they would wonder if he had eyes in the back of his head. If only he hadn’t fallen forward... 

Keuk... Is this a true story?’ 

Haster had no sense of reality about the situation. What the hell was this attack power? Every time he blocked an attack from the God Hands, his muscles twisted and his bones would ring. His health also decreased. In this way, defense had no meaning. 

‘There are 30 like this?’ 

Didn’t he say he could win even if he fought all 30? How much had Grid been laughing at him? 

‘I would like to hide in a mouse hole.’ 

Haster blushed and turned his head to the left. At the same time, he twisted his collarbone and raised his shoulders. The God Hand’s attack struck his shoulder blade. Haster couldn’t withstand the attack...

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