Chapter 1468 (Teaser)

Hell was a real region in Satisfy. Players perceived hell as a space, not a concept. There was only a difference in the degree of recognition—a high level hunting ground or a prohibited area that should never be approached. 

The perception of the expedition members was also very important. They regarded the figurative hell and the actual existence of hell in Satisfy as separate things. It was naturally like this, even if they weren’t aware of it. It was only after personally experiencing it that they understood. 

Hell wasn’t just a hunting place where powerful demonic creatures and demons haunted, and where great demons often appeared. It was the hell that they knew. An unbearably painful and distressing environment. Even if there were no demons here, wouldn’t they be unable to last a long time? 

The scene that entered their field of view, the wind brushing against their skin, the ground their feet stepped on, the sound that penetrated their ears, and the air that entered their lungs. It was disgusting without any exceptions. Just standing still and breathing would cause their minds and body to scream with pain. It was because this was a world built only with wickedness. 

“...I think I’m going crazy.” The full moon, the swirling red stars in the overcast sky, and the thousands of eyes monitoring them. Pon murmured as he blankly...

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