Chapter 1466 (Teaser)

People were misunderstanding one big thing—it was that Grid had already earned a myth class. It was natural to be mistaken since the system called Grid a god. Grid was worshipped by many people, but people thought he just changed his class. It was an interpretation based on common sense—the former was a system that could be assigned to anyone, while the Easter egg of NPCs worshipping on their own... it was absurd. How many people in the world could guess what actually happened? 

Therefore, people were astounded. 

[The first myth class has been born.] 

The world message that appeared shortly after the end of Grid’s epic turned the world upside down. The part that the media focused on was a bit subtle. 

『 He wasn’t a myth until now? Then why was he so strong? 』 

『 He was originally so strong...? 』 


[The 13th page of the epic has been completed.] 

[Your status has risen significantly as a reward for completing the epic.] 

[Your deity has risen by 1.] 

[Your title ‘Glimpsed the Myths’ has responded to your high status and deity.] 

[The title ‘Glimpsed the Myths’ has changed to ‘First Myth.’] 

[Viewing and analyzing your past achievements.] 




[There are too many achievements!] 


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