Chapter 1464 (Teaser)

Hah... Wahh...! Hup! Fucking!” 

Zibal was anxiously watching Raiders being thoroughly disassembled and made sounds one after another. It was with admiration, not lamentation. It wasn’t because Raiders had been innovated or strengthened as Grid promised. Raiders was still half deconstructed, but Zibal didn’t care. 

What if something went wrong with Raiders? There was no time to feel such anxiety or worry. It was Grid that Zibal couldn’t take his eyes off, not Raiders. It had been 14 hours. For more than half the day, Zibal was impressed and thrilled. He felt an unfamiliar shock at the sight of Grid, who worked hard without wasting a minute or a second. 

‘How can a person do this?’ 

As he disassembled Raiders, he figured out how to innovate the next item, made new items, and innovated it when done. He inspected the items made by the Overgeared Skeletons and God Hands, sincerely answered the dwarf asking for advice from the sidelines, disassembled Raiders, thought about it, remade it, and innovated it... 

Grid never once...

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