Chapter 1463 (Teaser)

The Sanctuary of the Saintess could be extended up to 900 meters at most. If a new Sanctuary was built and attached before the end of the previously established Sanctuary (3 hours), the size would increase and the duration would reset. However, the cooldown time of the Sanctuary skill was 2.5 hours. It was impossible to establish a new Sanctuary while it was still active and connect them at the current skill level. 

However, there was now a new variable—the assistance of the Transcendent God’s Holy Sword. 

‘I’m not alone.’ 

The demonic creatures’ offensive was becoming increasingly fiercer, but Ruby wasn’t afraid. The help of her constantly arriving colleagues meant she continued to expand the Sanctuary. The result: 


From the place where the hell gate opened to the entrance of the black crystal castle, this not so short distance of 400 meters was covered with the protection of the Sanctuary. It was the birth of a perfect base. 


Wow... Wow, amazing.” It was really amazing. The exclamations of the expedition members continued. 

First, they were surprised by Ruby’s Sanctuary. Second, they were...

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