Chapter 1461 (Teaser)

‘Please! Hurry!’

[Currently in the process of declaring a sanctuary. It is at 42%...] 

An area in which the Saintess was the center of the world—Sanctuary Declaration was a field spell earned by Ruby at level 300. Needless to say, the power was excellent because it exerted the power to invalidate all laws that the Saintess didn’t allow. 

However, it wasn’t efficient. It was impossible to use until level 380 was achieved. It took an hour to build a sanctuary. During that time, Ruby was in a state of ‘inaction’ in place. There were even major restrictions on the use of the skill. During the construction of the sanctuary, only one skill could be used every three minutes and even that was limited to basic magic. The biggest problem was that mana and divine power was consumed in real time during Sanctuary Declaration. The consumption was so great that her recovery of resources couldn’t keep up until level 380. 

However, now there was room. It was because she had raised the skill level ahead of the great human and demon war. Ruby boldly invested the skill enhancement rights that she had gained from destroying the souls of great demons several times. She decisively used what she had saved. 

She wanted...

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