Chapter 1458 (Teaser)

Modern and convenient infrastructure, advanced technology, a stable economy, high security, quests to get the mass produced Grid set, etcetera—from a player’s point of view, the Overgeared Kingdom was a very attractive kingdom. The long history and abundant resources of the Saharan Empire wasn’t very attractive compared to the convenience of the Overgeared Kingdom, which was developed using the sense of modern people. 

In fact, the number of people migrating to the Overgeared Kingdom was increasing every year. Still, it wasn’t the case that every player coveted the nationality of the Overgeared Kingdom. The high security of the Overgeared Kingdom meant there was no work for mercenary users, the Overgeared Kingdom’s policy of controlling the respawn area of the top bosses deterred high level users, and the economic market directly monitored by the Overgeared government and managed by the Muto Merchant Group was shunned by merchant users. 

The safe and stable Overgeared Kingdom might be a ‘good kingdom for people to live in,’ but it wasn’t a good environment to have a dream. 

“The price of iron ore has soared to 5 gold? Should I buy some more?” 

“The rising speed is much faster than expected... Um... I’ll buy it for 9 gold, no, 13 gold.” 

“It is said the empire has started construction of a new fortress!” 

“There is too much bidding going on there. Let’s turn to the east. Since the competition for stone purchases intensified in the east first, those kingdoms will soon begin to build fortresses.” 


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