Chapter 1457 (Teaser)

There were still only two player kings—Overgeared God Grid and God of War Ares. The quality and quality of talent, the size of the force, capital, technology, strength, etc. 

On all indicators, the Overgeared Kingdom was superior to Valhalla and Grid was superior to Ares. It was rare for the world to easily see Ares. Yet even Grid recognized and respected Ares’ skill and resourcefulness. He had to do so. Looking down on Ares meant looking down on most players except for Grid himself. 

-I was impressed by your performance in the National Competition. 

Grid’s voice was full of joy. They had been interacting for quite a long time. In the few times the two people had met directly, their personal feelings were pretty good. There was a special rapport because they were in similar positions. Of course, it wasn’t like that from the beginning. The military cooperation between the Overgeared Kingdom and Valhalla was still ongoing. 

Most of the soldiers of the Overgeared Kingdom’s 1st Corps returned from military training in Valhalla after gaining enlightenment and experiencing partial breakthroughs. Artificially improving the characteristics of soldiers and breaking through their stats limit—it was something that Piaro and Asmophel couldn’t do despite training many soldiers so far. 

It was originally a miracle that had a low...

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