Chapter 1455 (Teaser)

“Director Yoon, you look terrible~” 

“You came? Sigh, I’m going to die. I haven’t been able to get off work after the emergency.” 

“Morpheus was really angry this time. I thought that the operations team would struggle to keep an eye on the situation. I didn’t think that even the operations director would be helpless.” 

“There is a high possibility that they can’t make judgments without my authority, so I always have to be on standby. Well, the comforting thing is that you’re in the same boat as me.” 

Ahaha, I’m sure the security side is in a state of emergency.” 

“...President Amy, are you talking to another company now? I don’t think it is time to smile.” 

“Sorry~ sorry. Nelson, take it easy~” 

Named NPCs usually played an important role in the worldview. Force or power was an indispensable factor for them to defend their rights and maintain their roles. The reason why the power (level, etc.) of the named beings rose in proportion to the player’s growth was to protect the worldview. It was right to interpret it as Morpheus’ defense mechanism. 

This game episode of the great human and demon war was the largest of Morpheus’ defense mechanisms so far. 

For the S.A Group, it was an emergency. The world might describe the S.A Group as a vicious company that tormented players using reasons such as balance, but in fact, the S.A Group was one of the most user-friendly...

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