Chapter 1454 (Teaser)

Galgunos might be a lich with divinity, but his world was just a small temple. He was even defeated in the temple. As a handful of believers watched, he was trampled on by the new legends, Jishuka and Euphemina. His power couldn’t be intact even if he borrowed the body of Overgeared Skeleton Two to be revived. 

It would’ve been meaningless even if it was intact. He was nothing more than a humble and shabby existence in this huge world called Grid. In conclusion, Grid’s victory was set from the start. 

Euphemina was also well aware of this fact, but she never imagined it would end so easily. She knew Galgunos’ strength better than anyone else. She had speculated that there would be a more intense crisis and reversal. Then what was this... 

“...What is this vain end?” 

The words that represented Euphemina’s feelings unknowingly popped out. She was a genius, but she didn’t understand Grid’s fight even with the wisdom and senses of a genius. The reason was simple. Overwhelming Galgunos was impossible even in the realm of a genius. 

In fact, Grid didn’t think he had overwhelmed Galgunos. It might feel meaningless from Euphemina’s perspective, but it was a fierce battle for Grid. 

‘He was a tougher opponent than I thought.’

There was a...

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