Chapter 1453 (Teaser)

[Galgunos’ Soul has detected your call. He has ignored it.] 

‘That’s it.’ 

Galgunos had just taken over Overgeared Skeleton Two’s body. Grid confirmed that he could be designated as a target of Granting an Ego. That was enough. Grid moved rapidly. He couldn’t help Overgeared Skeleton Two, who was suffering from being unable to control the magic power in Galgunos’ remains, but he could help Overgeared Skeleton Two, whose body was taken away by Galgunos. He could just squeeze this person out. 

Grid planned to inflict enough pain that Galgunos wished he was dead and give up the body of Overgeared Skeleton Two. It would also assist with the use of Granting an Ego, pushing Galgunos thoroughly to the point that it was tempting.


The name that rose brightly above the head of Overgeared Skeleton Two filled Grid’s vision. Before he knew it, he arrived in front of Galgunos and used Kill at the same time. Euphemina missed some of the process. In her eyes, Grid’s movements seemed to be suddenly interrupted.

‘Very fast...!’ 

Mumud’s Successor was a magician after all. Euphemina had less agility. Still, the insight that she had...

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