Chapter 1452 (Teaser)

The Overgeared Skeletons were very different from general undead. The increase in level and stats meant they could change classes and learn skills. They were able to grow just like players. Additionally, their bones could be replaced. It was a complete transformation. It meant they could strengthen the fundamental power of the body independently of their stats. 

Grid’s dream of growing the Overgeared Skeletons into a death knight and lich wasn’t a pipe dream. Grid was willing to invest hundreds of millions of gold in the Overgeared Skeletons. The utility shown by Agnus’ deceased had left a strong impression in his mind. The stronger the undead who didn’t die and didn’t know fear, the more harshly they pressured their opponent... he had felt it again in the battle at the principality. 

‘Money can be saved anyway.’ 

The speed of the automatic production of items was affected by the size, shape, structure, material, and level limit of the items. The larger the item, the more complex the shape and structure, the higher the material and the higher the level limit, the slower the production speed. 

Among them, the biggest influences were the materials and level restrictions, but the level of items required by the market wasn’t as high as one might think. The level limit of the most sought out items was only around...

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