Chapter 1449 (Teaser)

Baal’s Contractor was a class with many strengths, but it wasn’t an all-rounder. There was a flaw in the most basic part: the failure to be able to specify a resurrection point. Once he died, he was resurrected in hell. From the time he achieved a legendary rating, his demonic energy became so strong that it was a huge constraint. It was very troublesome. It often took a month to get back to his destination. 

Additionally, the fact that he couldn’t open the hell gate on his own was another major limitation. Just look at what happened now. He told Chepardea to open the hell gate but that son of a bitch Chepardea refused. Thus, he had to be stuck in hell. 

-Pagma’s Successor is too strong. You should’ve let me know this quickly. Croak. I already knew he was a transcendent who built up his divinity, but I thought he was similar to Muller. I was wrong. 

“That XX guy Muller, Muller. Why do you always compare and use Muller as a standard of what is good when he didn’t leave behind any achievements?” 

Humanity praised Muller, who sealed many great demons, as the greatest hero in history. It was ridiculous. Most of the great demons sealed by Muller were ranked low. Hell Gao was the only high ranked one and it was only done in the ‘human world.’ Besides that, Muller’s only achievements were boring things like protecting cities or saving people from demonic creatures. He was a complete idiot compared to Grid. Agnus was annoyed whenever Chepardea, Baal’s subordinate, praised Muller like he was great...

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