Chapter 1448 (Teaser)

“That spiteful guy.” 

They never thought he would kill Pauld with his own hands. It was unexpected for such a thing to happen in that atmosphere. 

Agnus had protected Pauld’s side ever since rescuing him from Faker. He hid Pauld behind his back even when surrounded by Overgeared members. The expression on his face when he said goodbye to Pauld at the end... he was so lonely and sad that it was hard to believe it was acting. It felt like he was leaving a friend. Given this atmosphere, it was virtually impossible to predict that Agnus would attack Pauld. 

“Indeed, that crazy guy couldn’t make such an expression. I should’ve noticed his intentions when he left Pauld instead of restoring him.” 

“It’s not that he didn’t want to restore Pauld. It was that he couldn’t. The regeneration power is sealed off until the broken nucleus is repaired.” 

“Really...? What a waste. I’m sorry since I wanted Faker to grow more... 


Very few players understood or liked Agnus. It was the same for the Overgeared Guild who knew about Agnus’ past. They sympathized with his past, but he was still an enemy. There were limits to understanding and empathy. In addition, Agnus had a history of invading the territory of the Overgeared...

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