Chapter 1447 (Teaser)

The Hemilton principality was the land that the founder Saharan gave to his third son. The location was the southernmost part of the continent. Geographically, it was the furthest from the empire. It was the best option to protect his son, who failed to become the emperor and was exiled. 

“It is too remote and they haven’t been there before...” 

“You mean Sticks and Braham?” 


The Overgeared Shadows identified Agnus’ location. It was a feat of the general unit. Faker was proud of the performance of his subordinates, but also worried. Was it possible for regular members to completely deceive Agnus’ senses? Perhaps Agnus had already noticed their eyes? 

Faker failed to dispel his doubts and concluded that he couldn’t wait for support. The Hemilton principality that resumed exchanges with the continent from the moment that Lord’s coming of age ceremony ended was too closed off. There was no means to warp there and even Braham and Sticks didn’t know the coordinates. What if Agnus fled to hell while Faker waited for support? There might not be a second opportunity. If a chance did come again, it would be too late. A bunch of artifacts would already be in Agnus’ inventory. 

‘I must be willing to make sacrifices for the members.’ 

Eventually, Faker went first. It was comforting to know that Pon’s armored cavalry unit was just near the Hemilton border. As Faker and the Overgeared Shadows were fighting... 

“Send me to the place nearest to the principality.” Grid stepped forward himself. Of course, he trusted Faker’s skills. In particular, he couldn’t...

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