Chapter 1446

[Kill List] 

[Specify the target of the assassination. 

The number of times it can be specified is increased by three every time Lantier’s Techniques is increased by one skill level. 

* If the target is within the sensory range, it is easier to explore the location. The hit rate and weakness attack probability will increase significantly only for the target and the damage to the target will increase by three times. This effect will last until the opponent dies. 

* Once the target is killed, the targeting is permanently destroyed. However, this effect doesn’t apply to some special beings. If the target is a player, the penalty caused by death will be increased by at least two times or up to three times. 

Current kill list spots available: 8/9 

Current kill targets: Pauld (Lich owned by the player ‘Agnus’).]

Kill List was a skill in the same category as Grid’s Item Creation skill. It didn’t bring any material benefits to the user. It was just a fleeting skill to kill someone and die together. It wasn’t comforting that the number of times it was available was relatively high. It was absurdly shabby compared to Item Creation that created designs, Swordsmanship Creation that created the strongest sword skill and Deceased Creation that made the worst undead. 

Nevertheless, Faker really liked it. A kill list was pointing out the duty of an assassin. Besides, it was powerful. It was a skill that maximized the speed and killing ability to give wings to assassins in short-term battles. He was convinced that Pauld’s solid shield, that was in the realm of great magic, would be smashed by a ‘basic hit.’ It was a fleeting skill, so it was even more brilliant. 

He constantly circulated the shadow movement using the wind elemental. The shadow sword that would send the target to the underworld finally touched Pauld’s abdomen. It was a springboard for Pon’s support that arrived at exactly the expected time. 

[The target has neutralized the damage.] 

The single blow came to nothing, but Faker’s eyes remained steady. He was familiar with Furfur’s Power attached to the Rune of Death for a long time. It wasn’t enough to strengthen the summoner. It aso invalidated the damage of the designated summons up to two times. Faker couldn’t forget the ability that Agnus revealed years ago when he fought Grid directly. 

Faker calmly moved his sword without panic. He moved deeper and confirmed that the damage was invalidated once again. He vibrated the shadows around the blade to induce multiple hits. It was the flexible use of the Soul Wheel skill to move the shadows. 

His mana was depleted in the aftermath of the repeated shadow movements and soldiers, but there was no problem. The legendary assassin replaced health with mental power. He didn’t have mana and consumed health instead of mana to use skills. 

It was a blaze that burned gorgeously for a short time. This was an assassin. 

Faker immediately abandoned the idea of living. After all, Agnus’ skills had become much more powerful during the years when his whereabouts were unknown. 

Keook!” Pauld was finally exposed. The strong shield, the barrier of undead, and the power of the Rune of Death. Everything that protected him was stripped off at this moment and he was on the verge of his soul being destroyed. Die, he would really die... 

Pauld trembled as he felt the magic power forming his body and serving as the framework for holding his soul slowly being pulled out. He was terrified and he didn’t dare to look at Faker. It was the first time since he was born that he felt such horror at the distinctly approaching death, even though he had already died once. The dam was about to collapse. The lich’s core that generated infinite magic power started to crack. It was a crack that could never be reconnected. 


The dying flash. 

Pauld felt the end and overcame the obstruction from the sun in the sky. He turned a blind eye to the rough shaking of his core and focused on a complicated great magic formula. The great man, whose name was known even to later generations, was trying to protect the last of his pride. He didn’t intend to die alone. He was determined to take the god of death in front of him with him. 

However, Agnus’ actions were quicker than his resolution. A new death knight rose from the shadows, grabbed Faker by the neck, and threw him to the ground. Pauld’s core, that was about to shatter, was barely maintained. The death knight stood above Faker’s body and stabbed the dagger in. Pauld was familiar with the energy of the man crossing the shadows with creaking white bones. “25th...” 

“It is excessive resistance.” Agnus was approaching. His voice was calm, but his steps were rough. He seemed to be struggling with his anger. “Do you know? The guy who is trampling on you is essentially an idiot. He has little to do with the guy who was once a legend. Thus, he was defeated and became my servant. Ah, there must be no sense of reality if I say this. By the time you stepped into the Behen Archipelago, he was already gone.” 

It was an obvious provocation. Agnus succeeded in capturing Lantier before Faker even knew about the Behen Archipelago. ‘A legend? The god of killing? No matter how you run at me, you are just a child compared to me.’ This was the meaning. 


Faker couldn’t move. He stared silently at the empty eyes of the 25th Lantier who was pressing against his body and shadow. He could feel something in the bones that had no expression. It was sorrow that turned into a plea. 

‘Kill me.’ 

He seemed to hear such a voice. It couldn’t be regarded as an illusion due to the very clear quest window that appeared in front of him. The contents told him to place the 25th Lantier on the Kill List and destroy him. It wasn’t a courtesy for the former generation. It wasn’t even consideration for his rest. 

The reason for the class quest was to prevent external leakage of Lantier’s Techniques. The system was classifying the 25th Lantier as an outsider. The body buried in the ground was dug up and disappeared. Then it became the servant of Baal’s Contractor, so he should be vigilant. 

“Effort must be made for the dead to find the knowledge and techniques from when they were alive. I had a hard time nurturing this idiot over here. It isn’t a card to be taken out in this place. Tsk.” There was a deep furrow in Agnus’ brow. He was one of the bigshots who targeted the Behen Archipelago around the same time as Grid. Unlike Grid, he didn’t reach the last island, but he targeted the 61st island protected by Lantier ahead of Grid. 

From the perspective of Satisfy time, it had been 10 years. It wasn’t long after the end of the Second National Competition. The 32nd Great Demon, Belial, had just appeared on the stage. For all those years, Agnus tried quite hard to grow Lantier. Even in his days as a mad dog, when his emotions were ahead of his reason, he recognized the value of the death knight who was a former legend. 

The problem was that there was no sense of urgency. He hadn’t grown much in the years that passed. He was truly incompetent and disgusting during his time of madness. He had been suffering recently because of that. The first thing he did after giving up on his lingering feelings for his ex lover and finding his rationality was to focus on raising Lantier. It was work that was being done in real time even at this moment. 

Despite this, Lantier wasn’t ready yet. It wasn’t a card that could be used in real combat. The failure to fully grow the skills was a secondary issue. It was that Lantier’s ego was too strong. Every summoning dramatically increased the consumption of domination because he slightly regained his memories and self from his former life. He needed to be kept locked up for at least half a year in the future. In Agnus’ opinion, he wanted to reverse the summoning right now. The longer the summoning duration, the greater the resistance. 

‘Just a little bit more.’ 

Faker’s immortality was still maintained. There was a great possibility that the suppression on Faker would be lifted if he took back Lantier before then. 

‘3 seconds.’ 

Agnus measured the remaining time of the immortality and turned his gaze to the battlefield. He saw Pon and the knights breaking through the army of the dead. It was a group of 50 people wielding spears while treating their horses as another limb. They were a small number compared to the Overgeared Shadows, but they weren’t lacking in overall force. The knights were such an existence. They had a different characteristic from assassins and were sturdy. However, Pon was one level lower than Faker. It was enough to finish off Faker while the ghouls bought time. 

“Agnuuuus!” Pon screamed and revealed his naked killing intent when he saw the dying Faker. It was ridiculous from Agnus’ position. As Baal’s Contractor, he could count the number of players he was wary of on one hand. Pon’s reputation was quite great, but it wasn’t to that extent. It was a different status. 

“You must feel like it is unreasonable. You will feel anger from time to time. After all, you are the weak ones.” 

During the time when he was firmly crazy, he had to exercise the rights of the strong at every critical moment. It was because he often saw the him of the past from the appearance of the weak under his feet. He was a fool no matter how many times he thought about it. Some things were meaningful, but... he had to put his own pure satisfaction first, rather than fighting for others. Shouldn’t he have discussed happiness at least once? 

“Kill him.” 

The moment he gave a command to Lantier, his power of domination decreased again. The appearance of the dead stopping their actions and falling down was very noticeable. Still, it was fine. It would be easier as long as he removed Faker. 

Lantier’s movements were somewhat slow due to Faker resisting the shadow pressure, but he raised the dagger above his head. It was about to strike and kill Faker. 

Just then, red cloth covered Agnus’ vision. It was a long cloth. If it was worn on a body, it might drag over the ground. However, the man didn’t look uncomfortable. 

“Agnus.” The man who appeared without any warning. He, who wouldn’t have been felt if it wasn’t for the flapping cloth, stared at Agnus with his dark eyes. There were firm eyes that wouldn’t waver from any storm. The dignity of a monarch could be felt from it. 

Lantier’s dagger stabbed at the man, not Faker. He ignored Agnus’ order. It wasn’t because the command lacked domination. Rather, he was swallowed up by the man’s presence and followed his instincts. His senses felt that this man was dangerous and he instinctively attacked. He completely lost sight of the opponent he should kill. 

The red cloak touched by the dagger first turned into shadows and split. It took only a split second for the scattered shadows to turn into dozens of bats. Finally, the wind from the man stopped. The cloak that was slightly shorter settled down calmly down to near his ankles. 

“From your position, we are villains. I’m sorry.” 

The man spoke bitterly before taking out his sword and swinging it. It was a diagonal slash. Agnus’ dynamic vision (based on agility) only saw the form. The thing that Agnus clearly saw was the result, not the process. It was the sight of Lantier’s smashed skull surrounded by bats. The power of the shockwaves reminiscent of a Breath was enormous. 

“Kukuk!” Agnus started laughing. It was because at this moment, he experienced the unreasonableness that he had discussed with Faker and Pon. 

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