Chapter 1444 (Teaser)

Satisfy’s world was bigger than Earth. It was true even if the scale was limited to the West Continent. It usually wasn’t easy to find a hidden person. However, the Overgeared Shadows that absorbed Eclipse were able to pull out anything from all territories. It was possible to even find a needle in the sand. It could be compared to a large metal detector and satellite. 

There were few people in the world who could escape from the skills of the Overgeared Shadows, who not only mastered basic tracking techniques of capturing and exploring the path by digging into the target’s appearance, personality, inclination, and background, but also actively utilized Eclipse’s methods of poisoning and chasing soul incense. 

Additionally, many kingdoms on the West Continent were favorable to the Overgeared Kingdom. Many kingdoms, and even the empire, assisted in their search. Faker thought that Agnus would soon be found as long as he wasn’t in hell. It was just like Faker expected. 

-I’ve found him. 


Sound Transmission. It was the system that players called the whisper. Every player enjoyed this system and took it for granted, but NPCs were different. Sound Transmission couldn’t be used unless they had reached a certain level or learned a skill. The Overgeared Shadows had acquired this power. This was a benefit obtained by absorbing Eclipse. They were the most secretive organization on the continent and had the ability to use Sound Transmission. 

Faker received the messages from the members and...

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