Chapter 1443 (Teaser)

Every position came with a responsibility. For quite some time, Huroi had been unable to get things off his chest. It was because the Mongolian people became sensitive every time Huroi was honest, just like the Koreans, Americans, and Russians recently quarreled over Kraugel’s nationality. 

[Korean game genes have caused another incident!] 

[Kraugel, the pride of South Korea, became a complete Sword Saint based on Grid’s epic.] 

[The beautiful communication of Korean people... Kraugel’s noble belief has brought enlightenment to Grid.] 

The world shook on the day that Grid wrote a new epic. It was an epic full of admiration for Kraugel. The content of the epic itself was nothing shocking. Those who believed in Kraugel said, “The time has finally come.” No one doubted that Kraugel deserved to be recognized. It was somewhat surprising that the one who delivered Kraugel’s news was Grid, not the system, but it wasn’t special considering the relationship between the two of them. 

Nevertheless, there was an uproar in the world. The beginning were the provocative articles that third-rate Korean media started to spread on the Internet. The behavior of some unrecognized media outlets in describing Kraugel as the pride of South Korea and claiming Kraugel’s achievements...

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