Chapter 1438 (Teaser)

Mir’s emergence changed the mood of the battlefield. 

“Mir!” The frustrated yangbans regained their vitality. 

Grid sympathized with them. Grid had met numerous yangbans, including Garam, and he knew the essence of the yangbans. They seemed to believe that Mir would save them, but they would die. They had humiliated the Hwan Kingdom, and they were a disgrace to the yangbans. The charges that Mir could place on them were overflowing. If it was Garam, then he would’ve killed them while swearing.

Grid sent a whisper, -There will be a commotion soon. Run away in that gap. 

The purpose of Grid’s visit to Kaya was to check his skills. Even if he knew he was going to die, he stepped back on this land to challenge Mir. Defeat was natural in the showdown, but it would be too much if he received Kraugel’s help and both of them died. 

“......” Kraugel didn’t answer. 

There also wasn’t the commotion that Grid had mentioned. Mir didn’t harm the yangbans. Rather, he defended them. “Overgeared God. God, as you know, we were made to...

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