Chapter 1437 (Teaser)

There were four peak quality gems and also 39 highest quality gems. They were gems where the value couldn’t be discussed using the common sense of ordinary people. The rare treasures that should’ve decorated the national treasures of the empire or the coffins of emperors were scattered around Elizabeth’s workshop. Broken things were a frequent occurrence and some even turned into powder. It was a sight that would’ve caused Administrator Rabbit to pass out if he witnessed it. 

However, Elizabeth felt no guilt. Her face was only filled with joy. ‘This...! This can possibly succeed!’ 

There wouldn’t be a second chance. 

The accessory commissioned by a suspicious, genius boy. The imaginary product that came to her mind in the process of making only seven parts was of incomparable value to the emperor’s coffin. This was just Elizabeth’s personal opinion, but... to be honest, she was scared. Now, at this moment, Elizabeth let go of all her fears. Her worry about what would happen if she caused damage to Grid disappeared. 

It was natural. She created part of a permanent mechanism that absorbed the mana of the atmosphere and...

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