Chapter 1435 (Teaser)

“Now, eat it. I mixed honey with garlic seasoning.” 



A tiger enjoyed the carrot salad made by a rabbit. 

Grid had no intention of tackling the fact that a rabbit was cooking. Tosun was special among the people of the old gods. The Twelve Zodiacs—they were the subjects who personally served the old gods. Tosun had intelligence, was bipedal, and knew how to handle tools. The physique was similar to that of humans. What was the big deal about cooking? 

He was also convinced by the sight of a tiger eating carrots. It was because Blue Tiger was the child of the white tiger. Yes, a half-god. She was more than twice as big as an ordinary tiger, but she didn’t insist on eating meat. However, Grid was confused. He naturally couldn’t accept the appearance of Tosun and Blue Tiger, both who were openly engaging in affection. 

Even if Tosun wasn’t a normal rabbit and Blue Tiger wasn’t an ordinary tiger, weren’t they still a rabbit and tiger? No, they had already come too far to discuss the issue of species. Blue Tiger was a half-god. The problem of species couldn’t be solved even if Blue Tiger dated a tiger, not a rabbit. 

There was a simpler problem. 

“At least get the gender right. Can’t you turn into a...

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