Chapter 1433 (Teaser)

The director of Inferno, Latvihi—a bitter smile spread on the handsome face with impressive deep eyes. 

“I have to give up.” 

Snot rolled down from his nose. It was the effect of the ‘runny nose every time you speak’ skin mask. The runny nose looked very funny with a serious expression, but Latvihi didn’t mind. He was the heir of a large company and his ego was strong. In the virtual reality world, a little runny nose didn’t reduce his value. He could show this appearance if he wanted. 

“This is compensation for the failed commission.” Knight paid six times the down payment without a word. He boasted the highest fees in the mercenary industry so the penalty for a failed request was very large. Even so, he didn’t have any regrets. The chances of succeeding in the request went down to zero the moment the Heart of the Frost Queen entered Grid’s grip. 

“Both you and I feel sorry. Sniff.” 

“It is my fault for thinking too late about the possibility of Guseha being Shift.” 

Things would be different if he had detected the Skin Maker’s identity a few days earlier. The reason for the failure was that he only realized Guseha’s suspiciousness when Guseha entered Reinhardt. 

“You are too humble. I admire you for figuring out Guseha’s identity with only meager...

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