Chapter 1432 (Teaser)

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The Heart of the Frost Queen was an elixir. As the name suggested, it was literally a medicine. All of the blacksmithing skills such as smelting, transformation, modification, and disassembly couldn’t be applied. 

‘It is natural. A blacksmith isn’t a pharmacist.'

He tried it just in case, but he felt like a thief. 

“Mercedes, bring me Nefelina.” 

“Yes, Your Majesty.” 

Mercedes set off immediately from where she had been guarding Grid’s side. She returned in just five minutes with Nefelina. Considering the distance between the smithy and the castle, it was a speed that made people think Shunpo was used. 

‘Using Gravity Formation?’ 

The skill, Gravity Formation, that Mercedes learned, could change gravity in a small area. Grid had fought in hell with her aid and witnessed her rapidly slowing down or speeding up the enemy’s actions. Based on Mercedes’ prowess, he thought it would be possible for her to use Gravity Formation to speed up her movement. 

Nefelina grumbled as she took off her sleeping mask, “I was just about to fall asleep. What is this impoliteness?” 


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