Chapter 1426 (Teaser)

The chain explosions of different shapes and colors gradually disappeared. It was a terrible proof of slaughter but it was beautiful. The eyes of the executives staring at the screen were red. 

The red that stretched out like a wave devoured the other explosions and slowly filled the screen. The 100,000 Army Massacre Sword, the Blockade Sword, and Fated to Perish. It was a sight created by 100,000 Army Swordsmanship being reproduced with the Fire Dragon Sword. 

Director Yoon Sangmin blankly watched the screen where hundreds of smashed demons drowned in their own blood and expressed concern. “The Undefeated King’s swordsmanship... it is too strong.” 

At this very moment, the two billion players were steadily growing. The attack power that knocked down monsters with one strike, the defense power that was like a mountain, the speed that deceived cognitive abilities, and the ability to cast high difficulty magic. They were no longer exclusive to Grid. 

The players’ constant enthusiasm discovered a number of hidden classes and the normal class players who experienced the fourth class advancement were on par with the hidden classes. Players who gained the ultimate attack skills with an attack power coefficient of over 2,000% came onto the stage one after another and the raid times of infamous boss monsters were becoming shorter every day. The numerous records built by Grid that seemed to be immortal started to be broken one by one. 

Of course, this didn’t mean they were players who could fight against Grid. However, external factors such...

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