Chapter 1425 (Teaser)

The castle shook along with the roar. Their bodies tilted to the left and right and their vision became dizzy, but Grid responded calmly. 

“Stay away from the windows! It is Barbatos’ sniping!” 

It was the intervention of the 8th great demon. The situation was serious. It was a relief because he was better than any of the other great demons. Among the rulers of the deep hells i.e. among the single digit demons, Barbatos was the weakest. In addition, Grid had already fought Barbatos once. He knew how to deal with Barbatos. “Braham, Decoy is useless. He isn’t a sniper that relies on his senses. He is one who sees with his eyes and shoots the targets.” 

“How primitive.” 

“We have to find the ‘eyes’ that are providing him with the vision... gasp!” 

Once again, a huge shock hit the castle. The startled Grid crawled under the table. He had descended from the throne the moment the attack began. It was impossible to sit still while Barbatos was sniping. That was just committing suicide. Just like humans could only hold their breath in an earthquake, Grid also temporarily hid his body. He had to be as careful as possible before Barbatos’ eyes were found. 

“......?” Grid was crawling on the floor beside Piaro when he suddenly noticed that something felt off. He couldn’t see the faces of any of the group apart from Piaro. Only their feet and calves were seen. It was because everyone else was still standing. The only people crawling like cockroaches were himself and Piaro. 

Yura glimpsed the panicked...

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