Chapter 1424 (Teaser)

[The +8 Songstress’ Sword is shining brilliantly.] 

[You have succeeded in the enhancement and acquired the +9 Songstress’ Sword.] 

“...It came out!!!” Cage cheered when he opened his eyes and confirmed the result. The gamble where he bet all his assets succeeded. The difficult moments passed like a lantern and tears flowed. 

‘I would’ve quit the game if this failed... There is no law against anyone dying.’ 

Cage was a person with no luck. No matter how hard he tried and challenged things, the result was always the worst. He suffered a setback every time. This time was the same as well. He participated in a raid as the main damage dealer and after all the hardships he suffered, he rolled the number ‘1’ on the dice. The boss dropped the item he wanted but he lost the right to bid on the item itself. He was too angry to dismiss it as bad luck as usual. It was bad luck if it happened once or twice. So why was it only him every time? 

Cage was unable to restrain his anger and lost his mind. He used all the gold he had saved by living with cheap potions and bought a large number of enhancement stones from the exchange. He looked forward to seeing...

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