Chapter 1423 (Teaser)

‘It is really rich for a named person who can roll back the server.’ 

Grid first distributed the stat points. He discarded the habit of saving his stat points after making the Falling Moon Sword. The 260 points previously saved had already been invested in strength and agility. 

‘Put it in agility.’ 

He gained three levels which was 54 points total. 6 of them were automatically distributed to strength due to Magic Swordsman of the Epics and 24 were automatically distributed to intelligence due to the influence of Duke of Wisdom. Grid had to maintain the golden ratio of strength and agility so he naturally cared about agility. The remaining points were all placed in stamina. The best stat for Grid was stamina because it enhanced various survival numbers.

‘Um... I want to test other stat combinations.’ 

The golden ratio that was now commonly known was a 1:1 ratio of strength and agility. The effect was only present when strength and agility were above 2,000 or intelligence and stamina were above 800. Therefore, people speculated that there were more golden ratios based on this. 

‘Maybe three or four stats together can form a golden ratio.’ 

Of course, this was a story of when hidden conditions were met. Various effects would occur depending on the proportion of stats that reached a certain value. 

‘It would be nice if a stats reset was possible.’ 

Grid’s four...

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