Chapter 1421 (Teaser)

It was after sending the intruders out of the castle.

“”Was that the Sword Saint just now? No, it isn’t Sword Saint Kraugel. I saw him directly in the human world. Then that person...””

Dantalion’s faces muttered with serious expressions. 

A castle built by eight brains that boasted the largest amount of accumulated knowledge, spanning thousands of years. The ‘Indestructible Castle’ that had hundreds of high-level barriers imprinted on it was sliced like tofu. Of course, the castle was still intact. Grid might’ve cut at the castle but the damaged part wasn’t even one-thousandth of the total size of the castle. However, there was a possibility that the castle could be knocked down.

“”Destroying a castle that is only possible for the dragons, the original gods and the Sword Saint? That’s right. It has actually been proven. The hatchling couldn’t scratch it but it was because the hatchling was too young. There might be a mistake in my calculations... Hmm, what nonsense. There is no error when I can see everything.””

Dantalion knew Grid. It was because they had been entangled several times, directly and indirectly. Still, he would’ve known Grid even if they hadn’t been entangled. Grid’s reputation was too high. In addition, the book in Dantalion’s hands showed the future. Of course, this wasn’t omnipotent. The scope of the future couldn’t be determined....

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