Chapter 1420 (Teaser)

Dog’s Mouth. This was what ignorant bastards called the 20th Hell. This place where rocks that melted into fire formed barriers was the site for a myth. This was what people often thought of as the entrance to hell, the gate of hell guarded by Cerberus. 

“It is Ronove again?” The bleak voice heard in the great hall belonged to the 20th great demon, Eligos. It felt like winter was coming, but hell had no winter. 

“Yes... He lost his body and his castle was occupied.” 

“I thought it would be different this time?” 

Eligos sat on the throne in dark armor and the pressure he gave off was as fierce as a flame and as sharp as a blade. The vicious chill made all the demonkin tremble. An existence that gained the darkness that symbolized wickedness and evil. 

The black knight Eligos who denied life. He was one of the strongest in hell and death was the only path he walked. This was why he could reign as the master of Dog’s Mouth. There were many great demons who praised and worshipped Dog’s Mouth as the real hell but all of them died without taking away Dog’s Mouth from the Black Knight. 

“He disappointed me twice.” 

The 27th great demon Ronove was greatly disgraced in the attack on the human world a few years ago. He said he would release red fog to create a plague in the human world but he returned as a rag. He had told the demons who mocked his ridiculous appearance that the reason for his defeat was the intervention of a small god....

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