Chapter 1419 (Teaser)

The levels of the demonkins detecting and tracking the hell gate were at least 460. It was very high from a player’s perspective but they weren’t classified as ‘elite monsters.’ In their base area, level 460 meant an average or below average level that wasn’t special. The red-skinned demon Glant speculated that their origin was the land soaked in moonlight, the 14th Hell. The demons and demonkin of the 14th Hell had high intelligence and were known for their proficiency in magic. 

“......?” Yura’s eyes widened as she entered hell. She had been prepared for the surprise attack of the demonkin but it was Grid and the messengers who welcomed her, not the terrible hellfire. 

“How did you come here in advance?” Yura’s dimensional movement skill was currently level 2. The coordinates of the hell gate she opened were so unstable that even she didn’t know where it would appear. 

Nefelina told the surprised Yura, “I am a great dragon. Why can’t I do what the demonkin can do?” 

Braham scoffed like this arrogant attitude was ridiculous. “It was thanks to me.” 

“It is true that your magic helped but the main thing was my insight. If I hadn’t detected a change in the wave of mana, wouldn’t your magic have been useless?” 

“I can detect it as well. I was just a few seconds behind you because I’m in a bad condition.” 

“I don’t understand it. Why do you have a sense of competition with me? For me as a dragon, you are just a trivial existence.” 

“You have no right to call yourself a dragon when you are just a hatchling. In my prime,...

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