Chapter 1418 (Teaser)

The demonkin’s surprise attack wasn’t simple. Grid lost 30,000 health even though he knew and prepared for it in advance. The power of the hellfire that made Greed scream and the demonic energy that suppressed the essence of life clearly reminded him why this place was called hell.

‘If the material for the God Hands and my armor wasn’t Greed then it would’ve definitely melted. Then what is this?’ 

He didn’t see it incorrectly. Nefelina ‘inhaled’ this massive spell. She sucked in the demonkin’s magic like a hiker at the top of the mountain breathing air deep into his lungs. He lamented that Nefelina’s status window couldn’t be seen. 

“The demonkin on the outskirts are weaker than I thought.” Nefelina poked the demonkin’s body with a stick she had picked up from somewhere. The bodies of the demonkin who were swept away by the fire she inhaled and breathed out again were either completely charred or scattering as ashes. 

Grid asked between the soaring gray ash pillars, “How did you do that?” 


“It isn’t a Breath. What magic... is it?” 

Nefelina had the appearance of a 12 year old girl but her actual age was younger....

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