Chapter 1416 (Teaser)

[Falling Moon Sword] 

[Rating: Myth 

Durability: Infinite  Attack Power: 1  

★ No matter the target, it must be cut. Ignore effects such as defense, evasion, counterattacks, reflection, damage reduction, ignore damage, and other effects. The amount of damage applied is calculated by adding up all of the user’s stats and multiplying it by the target’s level. A critical hit will be dealt unconditionally, and all the buff effects of the target will be eliminated, making them unable to receive any buffs for three minutes. 

★ It can be swung once every 10 minutes. 

This is a new product made by Overgeared God Grid tempering the moon night iron for 23 days and nights. 

A blade emitting cold light that destroys all concepts. 

Weight: 500 

Conditions of Use: Grid]  

Grid’s total stats was approaching close to 58,000. Of course, this was when all the non-combat stats such as dexterity, dignity, and political power were added. Strictly speaking, it meant nothing. What was the use of having stats at least three times higher than the other rankers? 

Stats that affected combat were limited and non-combat stats were excessively subdivided. A typical...

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