Chapter 1415 (Teaser)

Training the body, honing swordsmanship, and measuring talent. They took pride in their talent until they were sent to the agricultural fields. Then they had a taste of hell. The training that was so severe that it changed common sense seemed to be torture. 

Still, they endured it. It was a patience that was possible because they learned from the steadfastness of the ground that embraced the crops that changed every season. It was only by seeking instructions in nature, exercising with the farmers, and following the knight’s principles that they felt the evolution of their talent. It wasn’t until they showed worthy swordsmanship and indomitable faith that they could make a pledge of loyalty. As such, the process of becoming a knight of the Overgeared Kingdom was very difficult. It was only when they had formally completed training as a farmer and knight under Piaro and Asmophel that they could dream of qualifying. 


The Overgeared Knights Division. The strongest knights division that could form a double wall with the Red Knights of the Empire were so nervous that they gulped. They felt greater pressure than when they fought the war against the Gauss Kingdom or against the great demons. 

The senior knight Royman spoke again, “Maintain...

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