Chapter 1412 (Teaser)

“It is finally over...” 

The person who consumed the most mental energy during the battle was Zibal himself. 

That looked good to turn things over, could he do it? That was a splendid pincer movement. Should he join in? The steel frame piled up like a wall over there seemed to interfere with Mercedes’ movements. Should he put them away? Faker seemed to be in danger. Should he use Providence? Did he want to take out the magic machine? Would breaking the castle bother his allies instead? Etc, etc.

Throughout the battle, Zibal couldn’t easily make decisions. It was because the level of the enemies and allies were one step above his own. Zibal was unsure of his judgment. He worried that his choices and actions would flow as the enemy intended. He was afraid that he might cause trouble while trying to help his allies. 

Of course, he didn’t just watch. Every moment he was convinced that the gap revealed by Haegak wasn’t a trap, his attacks played a role. Every time he figured out the intentions of his allies, he would run immediately to help realize their intentions. 

“Good work.” It was shortly after the end of the Haegak raid. Zibal was watching from a distance as Grid introduced...

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