Chapter 1411 (Teaser)

Haegak believed he had no limits. He had practiced martial arts all throughout his life to achieve his beliefs. He was determined to devote himself until he became the strongest being in the world, even if he needed to abuse himself forever. These were the followers of the martial god. 

All of Haegak’s body parts were used as weapons. His elbow became a blade and his hands became a spear. His head fell like a mace, his legs moved like a whip, and his fist that struck the sword was like a hammer. However, Faker and Kasim treated the shadows as weapons and soldiers. Even if one human turned his body into a weapon, he would still be swallowed up by the tsunami of shadows. 

“You are cowardly and lowly!” Haegak escaped the bombardment of shadows by hiding in the cracks of the collapsed ceiling and criticized them. As a martial artist, he didn’t admit that the assassins’ way of hiding in the darkness and eliminating sound was a method of fighting. 

HIs light footwork technique that wasn’t constrained by terrain caused anomalies and overlapped acceleration. He twisted his waist and back and defeated the shadow weapons and shadows attacking in secret with the recoilless attack. Then Faker’s dagger rose out of the shadows and collided with Haegak’s...

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