Chapter 1410 (Teaser)

‘How did they know to come?’ 

This was the question Grid had the moment the martial god followers entered the dining room. It took 20 minutes to get to Bairan Castle. The followers of the martial god appeared there like they had been waiting so he even wondered if there were spies in the castle. 

Then he realized that he had ignored something Zikfrector mentioned. He failed to understand the logic of ‘securing a safe area by destroying the statues of the martial god.’ It was natural since Grid never instructed Lord to destroy the statues of the martial god. There were few hints and not enough time to immediately understand Zikfrector’s remark. 

‘He deliberately lured them.’ 

Meanwhile, Zikfrector was convinced. Grid had created a safe zone by destroying the statues of the martial god in the forest of the guardian. It meant he had seen how to get rid of the pursuit of the martial god followers. Yet he dared to move locations and allow the followers to track them here. He showed a willingness to start a war for his new messenger by taking on the followers. 

‘His quick judgment and steadfast courage are worthy of being an object of envy.’

This was why Zikfrector had coveted Grid since the days when Juander was emperor. He appreciated Grid so much that he urged Grid to become the emperor of Saharan and he had a tendency to overestimate Grid. It was a time when Grid...

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