Chapter 1409 (Teaser)

A large golem emitting a blue light rushed forward. It used its heavy shoulders to easily break through the human formation, breaking in and disrupting them. However, its momentum didn’t last long. 

The humans scattered in all directions pulled the rope in their hands and the golem slipped where it was standing, falling backward. It struggled with its arms and legs like an upside-down tortoise that couldn’t get up. All sorts of skills poured toward it. 

“It is a smooth linkage.”

“It is possible because we know where the enemy will appear and we set up traps. I don’t think there is anything to compliment.” 

Zibal watched with interest as he watched the Overgeared members raiding the Guardian of the Forest using traps. In fact, the average level of the raid team deserved praise. With the exception of Toban, who was standing back and commanding, most of the participants were players in their mid-200s. It was frankly a good thing for them to raid the Guardian of the Forest without a single casualty. 

However, Zibal had witnessed a young boy who hunted the ‘awakened’ Guardian of the Forest by himself a fortnight ago. Therefore, he wasn’t particularly impressed by the Overgeared Three members despite them doing all types of tricks. “Toban, why is a person like you managing a...

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