Chapter 1408 (Teaser)


Zibal fell to an unknown place after riding the galaxy created by Grandmaster Zikfrector. He realized that the life detected by Raiders was Faker and thought of the word ‘fate.’ It was too amazing to dismiss it as a coincidence when the place he fled to was a place with an Overgeared member. Then he soon figured out the situation. 

“Is this the safest place in the world right now?” Zikfrector’s murmur as he stood on Raiders’ hand allowed Zibal to understand the situation. The ancient teleportation magic used by Zikfrector moved the two people to coordinates that corresponded to the user’s will. 

‘The safest place in the world...’ The Overgeared Kingdom had grown to such an extent that it was rated like this by the system.

Zibal smiled and descended from Raiders with Zikfrector. The person who approached him wasn’t Faker but a young man. 

“T-That is a magic machine, right?” It was a boy who couldn’t hide the admiration shining in his eyes. His appearance and ID couldn’t be seen due to the visor he was wearing. However, Zibal felt a strange feeling from him. It was a sense of strangeness that could be felt because Zibal’s knowledge was excellent. 

Zibal could see that all the items the boy was wearing were of too high value....

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