Chapter 1404 (Teaser)

There were attack methods that took advantage of Satisfy’s high degree of freedom. It was simple: Use things. 

The stones at their feet, the chair they just sat on, the tools at the table, or the table itself. Players had the right to touch most materials in the world, handle them with tools, and use them as weapons. This meant it was possible to attack the target by throwing or swinging anything in their hands. 

However, the damage was affected by the user’s strength. It was a correct judgment since items weren’t weapons that had separate attack power. Depending on the shape or mass of the object, the user could exert at least 1% of their strength up to 30% as attack power. 

In other words, the utility was low. Grid’s current strength at level 440 was over 4,400, but the objects he threw or wielded were only capable of an attack power of up to 1,400 maximum (the fourth awakening meant there was 0.8 attack power for every point in strength). However, what if even a very small amount of attack power was attached to the object? 

For example, if a knife that had been previously cutting meat was wielded as a weapon, then the knife would be judged entirely as a weapon. 100% of the user’s strength...

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