Chapter 1402 (Teaser)

[The new species, the vampire, is unlocked and a new system is added to the Blood King.] 

[★ The Blood King can grant a quest ‘Blood King’s Order’ to all vampire players once a week. 

* The quest content and difficulty are random. The maximum difficulty rating is A. 

* Players who clear the quest will get certain rewards. The Blood King will get a point in the stat ‘command’ every time the quest clearance reaches a certain number. The higher the command stat, the higher the blood assimilation rate and the faster the casting speed, deployment speed, and the formation speed of blood magic. The duration of the blood formed will also increase. 

* Players who failed to accept the quest for four consecutive weeks will be penalized and their relationship with the Blood King will change from friendly to hostile. Players who are hostile to the Blood King are considered traitors to the clan. 

* Players who perform well in quests have a very rare probability of upgrading from ‘normal’ to ‘elite’ at a certain cycle. Elite ranked vampires have an even smaller chance of being promoted to ‘true blood’ every fewer cycles.] 


It was a sudden situation where vampires were turned into a selectable species. Grid’s eyes that...

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