Chapter 1398 (Teaser)

“Are you going to see Marie Rose? Hmm... Do whatever you want.” 

It was neither Grid’s intention nor meaning to ask Braham for permission. He just thought it wasn’t polite to contact Marie Rose without informing Braham. 

“It’s okay?” 

Grid expected a violent reaction from Braham. From Braham’s point of view, Marie Rose was someone Braham had a deep-rooted enmity with. Grid thought Braham would be angry with him for meeting her. Yet Braham was surprisingly sober. “Why wouldn’t it be okay? It is up to you who you meet and what you do. It doesn’t matter even if you have a liaison with her or not.” 

“T-The term liaison is a bit... in the first place, I’m not interested in her.” 

Grid looked around like someone was listening. Marie Rose was pure and bewitching. She might have the most ideal ratio of beauty, but surprisingly, she wasn’t to Grid’s taste. Perhaps it was because her beauty was so perfect that it felt unrealistic. In the first place, Grid had people he loved. Shifting his eyes to a new woman when he couldn’t even organize his relationships properly with the women already in his life? He couldn’t do that unless he was a son of a bitch. 

“I mean it doesn’t matter if you cooperate... what did...

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