Chapter 1397 (Teaser)

The moment he faced Marie Rose and his head turned blank, he felt Piaro and Asmophel approaching and felt expectant. He could survive as long as he was with them. He had the lowly hope that he wouldn’t lose anything this time. It was the shame of a lifetime. 

The pride of the legendary great magician was trampled on the moment he realized he was reliant on others who were even weaker than himself. The natural pride he had as a child of his mother, Beriache, was shattered. First and foremost, he was ashamed. He saw Grid, who used to seriously listen to him as the strongest, look at him with a worried expression and wanted to hide in a mouse hole. 

“...Marie Rose!” 

Braham’s surrounding magic power was turbulent. It whirled around like a gust of wind before quickly gathering to form a large spear of light. Hundreds of years ago, Braham used Disintegrate to penetrate and destroy the palace of King Farah. The great magic that was called the product of a legend while Braham was asleep was now thrown at Greed on the anvil. It was originally a magic that could destroy even a mountain. 

One of the reasons why Braham could get rid of the pursuit of the fire dragon Trauka was that the precursor of Disintegrate awakened Trauka’s wariness. However, the current Disintegrate was very weak. A significant portion...

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