Chapter 1396 (Teaser)

There was a big uproar in the middle, but Lord’s coming of age ceremony ended safely with the blessings of the people. 

Lord, who had several teachers, boasted more talent than the distinguished guests had expected. Meanwhile, Grid proudly faced Marie Rose and impressed the distinguished guests. Thus, the evaluation of the Overgeared Kingdom soared to the sky. 

Of course, everyone knew from the beginning that the Overgeared Kingdom was the second most powerful nation after the empire. It was just that no one could guess how much longer the power of the Overgeared Kingdom would continue in the future and in which direction it would be headed. 

The Overgeared Kingdom was established and led by Overgeared King Grid. Who would dare to bet that after he retired, the Overgeared Kingdom would prosper like it was now or use tyranny? 

Now the distinguished guests realized something. It was the fact that Grid’s son was a talent that was second to, no, perhaps comparable to Grid, and that he was an upright and good person. In the first place, Grid was a god. He was born as a human and had the body of a human, but he was an object of faith that transcended his existence due to the desires of humans. How could he and his son not be upright? Looking at the rumors drifting around recently...

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