Chapter 1395 (Teaser)

The distinguished guests who attended Lord’s coming of age ceremony were big names. They exercised their power without fear in their own kingdom or other kingdoms. Even so, they were human. 

Marie Rose—the appearance of the top predator made all the distinguished guests in this area tremble. The big figures who didn’t know anxiety and fear due to their great pride dared not make eye contact with her and looked away. They tried to look as insignificant as possible to show they had no intention of defying her. It wasn’t a matter of humiliation and shame. 

Could their ancestors have avoided dangerous situations if they didn’t feel fear? No. Humanity wouldn’t have survived until today. The humble attitude of the distinguished guests in front of Marie Rose was the natural instincts of humans. It was an extremely primitive instinct to feel fear and avoid risk factors. 

‘Marie Rose. Is it really Marie Rose?’ 

The dukes of the empire reflexively struggled as they were crushed by the terrible evil influence. They tried not to be noticed as much as possible and figure out the situation. They thought back. There were rumors that Marie Rose’s seal was released 17 or 18 years ago. The...

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