Chapter 1393 (Teaser)

“It is a bloodline with no flaws.” 

Duke Grenhal was impressed when he examined Queen Irene’s ancestry in detail. He knew that her ancestor was the hero who founded the Eternal Kingdom with the king of the north, Loran, but it was the first time he discovered her family history that had no blemishes for more than 200 years. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the territories managed by the Steim family prospered in any era and this was unprecedented in history. 

“As the generations passed, their combat ability faded, but their integrity hasn’t changed.” 

The Steim family could truly be called an example of nobility. Even Duke Grenhal, one of the highest ranking nobles in the empire, felt respect. Duke Grenhal hoped that his descendants would emulate the Steim family. 

‘He succeeded his mother’s character and his father’s talent...’ 

Lord Steim—the only son of Grid would surely be great. He would become a kind and strong king, leading the Overgeared Kingdom well on behalf of his father, who was praised as a god and might one day leave for Heaven. It was a blessing not just for the Overgeared Kingdom, but for the empire who had the Overgeared Kingdom as its main ally. 

‘I’m really looking forward...

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